Inconsistency in UV Mapping Between Rendered and Raytraced Views in Rhino

Bug RH-78186
While utilizing the new Rhino 8 for 3D modeling and rendering, an inconsistency was observed in applying UV mapping on textures between the Rendered and Raytraced display modes.

The provided screenshots display a wooden coffee table, where the UV mapping appears correct in the Rendered view, showing the wood texture with proper alignment.

However, in the Raytraced view, there is a noticeable discrepancy. This suggests a potential bug in the Raytraced mode’s processing of UV maps, which could impact the accuracy and quality of visualizations.

This report aims to detail the observed issue and request further investigation to ensure the fidelity of rendered materials in all display modes within Rhino.

bug report AM 49

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Could you post the model? Or send it to

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Apologies for the delay; I’ve been reducing and optimizing the file size. I’ve also updated the main texture and material. Please find the attached Rhino 8 file.
UV Raytraced Render issue49.3dm (598.5 KB)

Debugging texture

This is bad in Rendered mode on Mac at least as well

edit: is this along the lines you’re trying to map?

if so, that is with the top surfaces that form the roof selected applying a box mapping.

In this case what I do is, instead of making a new UV mapping, I rebuild the surface with a new one and then UV mapping. In this way, I’m shore to take out all possible issues.

I wonder if is related with this Rh6 MASTER one still open

FYI: one of the bugs associated with this topic: RH-78186 is fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 7 Release Candidate

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