Changing the location of titles in Wallace's interface

The values of the fitness objects that I enter in Wallace’s interface are moved. I tried several times, unfortunately, but it still fails. Pay attention, for example, the range of RAD changes is between 1000 and 1700 kw/h and the range of the VIEW is between 20 and 70%. But these values are moved in the Wallace interface, which is a very fundamental problem.
is something wrong?

make sure to flatten the number parameters holding the fitness values before running the simulation.

Hi @milad.showkatbakhsh
i made me sure about that and my three fitness objective are flat and the problem is not solved.
can you take a look at the file? (97.4 KB)


they are not flatten as it is shown in your screenshot, right click on the number parameters and flatten them

thank you so much @milad.showkatbakhsh :pray:
it is done.