Wrong to show fitness objective name and number

First of all I have to thanks about amazing plugins, But after analysis I saw the wrong to show fitness, objective name and number. Could you help me? What should I do? And snap not save screenshot

Hi Ajam,

this is happening because the number parameters containing your fitness objectives are not flattened… if you hover above the ‘objectives’ input of the WallaceiX component you will notice that your fitness values are separated by branches… To fix this problem, always make sure you Flatten the number parameters containing the fitness objectives (not the objective input).

Also please note that you will have to run the simulation again for the values and names to match… having said that, the actual simulation and optimisation process is correct even with branched fitness values, the only issue is that the names are swapped… so technically speaking you dont have to rerun the simulation, but if you want everything to be read correctly, then you’ll have to rerun.

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Hi Maki, you and Milad are genius, Thanks its work very well

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Hi Makki,
Thanks to you and Milad for the amazing plugins.
I have a question after Wallacei finished, I couldn’t find a specific individual in RELATIVE DIFFERENCE OF FITNESS RANKS for example when I want to choose Solution Location 1272 in parallel coordinate plot, select Ranking 1272 is not same resultQuestion 01
Question 01-01