In the API documentation, inheritances of `Rhino.Geometry.Dimension` are incorrect


Observe this link :
and this :

AngularDimension, LinearDimension, OrdinateDimension and RadialDimension are duplicates.

If you inspect these classes with your IDE, you can understand that these classes are subclasses of the Dimension class.

but if you read the API page, these classes are defined as subclasses of the AnnotationBase class.
(for example:

Thank you.

There is the same error with Rhino.DocObjects.AnnotationObjectBase andRhino.DocObjects.DimensionObject

@kitjmv - looks like the abstract class is being skipped by the documentation generator. Is this a problem?

@dan, any idea why this is happening?

– Dale

no longer for me.
but it was confusing.
maybe for other users.


No. @will might have an idea.

More motivation to move this out of Sandcastle and into Sphinx.