IN R5 Windows the XYZ Axes are now visible in various Viewport styles

I can’t turn them off? How did I turn them on? I’ve gone through TOOLS OPTIONS a dozen times. GRID Options too. I can change their colour, I can’t turn them off, Sometimes they disappear, I touch the mouse, their back. What did I do?

Hi Curtis,

by default, the attached option toggle should allow to turn the world axes icon on and off:

you can override this setting in each display mode, eg. for the Artistic mode, see below:

does that help ?


Not the axes I am having trouble with. Under TOOLS OPTIONS APPEARANCE COLOR there are X, Y, and Z axis colours assigned to ARROWS that originate from the WORLD ORIGIN in alignment with the GRID Origin.

They were off, Now they are on.

Curtis Palmer M.Des., B.Sc.

If you change this in the same dialogs as shown above but toogle “show grid axes”, can you turn them off and on ?


Based on your tiny thumbnail in your first post, I wonder if you don’t have some plug-in that is causing these arrows to appear? Because in your image, the axis lines have arrowheads on them, which is not normal Rhino style…


Hi. I restarted Rhino and the offending vectors are gone. Maddening. Thanks for the OPTIONS tour.

This looks like a preview of a saved CPlane. If you have the Named CPlanes panel open, unselect all saved CPlanes (click in the white space of the Named CPlanes panel) to get rid of the preview.

Spot on. One mystery down. Thanks.