Is there a way / plugin to show "corrected" world axes colors?

Asking for a friend :wink:

If you mean the world axes icon in viewports then you can change the colors for them

Hi Nathan-
I’m referring to the axes in the various viewports:

Nathan, is there a way to make those things bigger? this is how they look in a 4K display, and that gets really thin when that display is a 17" laptop and you are getting closer to 50yo




A bit counter-intuitive maybe, but those axes are of the respective construction planes, not world axes.

I don’t know. Right now on the phone so can’t check. Maybe @BrianJ or @pascal know.



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Thanks - Understood - Definitley counter-intuitive. IMO the axes colors should be constant, rather than changing based on the users’ view. (Or maybe there could be an option to set this as default.)

As in:
North / South / East / West
North Pole / South Pole…

Hello - they do not change according to the view, they are always displaying the X and Y of the active CPlane in a viewport. Rhino’s coordinate entry, unless you tell it otherwise by prepending a ‘W’, is always assumed to be CPlane based. It possible, and common, to have arbitrarily oriented CPlanes.


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I see, the value shows the default age of the user. I’ll up mine to my reality.


Wait, my default age is 30? I’ll take that!

lol… I have a large screen set up (4K tv) as I also use it for my stationary bike :slight_smile:

I didn’t notice the size of these but might adjust it a bit now…

@nathanletwory @pascal

Revisiting this in Beta 8…

I haven’t dug around much, but can the axes be set to world coordinates now? I didn’t find any (new) setting.


Hi Turner -

No. We don’t have any plans on changing the current behavior. As both Pascal and Nathan stated, those are the axis of the CPlane.

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Ok, that’s what I figured.