How do I get rid of the axis arrows?

How do I get rid of the arrows? (I’m running Rhino 4).

Hello - are you running any plug-ins? Are these CPlane axes or local selection axes or?


I don’t think that’s it.That controls the green and red lines that start at the center of the CPlane grid.

Do you have a SpaceMouse connected?

Can we get more details please?
When does this show?
Is there something you do to make it show up?

That looks maybe like RhinoCAM?

Ah ha! Yes. I didn’t have Rhino Cam up, but I just brought it up to look, and when I closed it, the arrows went away. Not sure exactly what went on, but that got rid of the arrows.

(Somehow this seems almost medieval: rub it with the juice of henbane and basil, in the full moon at a crossroad, and it will go away …)


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