In-ground amphitheater - how set my own topography?

I have tried so many things to get the amphitheater to start at 4 feet below the surface, but nothing seems to work very well.

I have used, Loft, Drape, Contour, Patch, and I have used Terrain in the Lands Design addon, and many others I do not remember. I have watched so many videos that I have forgotten what I learned.

I just want to have an area which is about 100’x50’ with the area for the amphitheater taking up 50’x45’ and have the seating and the bottom of the stage be at 4’ below grade. The rest of the area will be at grade.

Can someone please help me to get the topography correct, including a consistent slope between the benches?

Edward’s Help Me Please File-smaller.3dm (203.0 KB)

Hi Edward - there is no topography into in the file that I can see - are you looking for something like this?



@pascal ~

Yes! That is exactly what I am looking to do!

I was going to take the easy way and not have it terraced, but what you have done is exactly it.