How to model complex landscape

Hi everyone, I am having trouble to model a sloped landscape from a 2D cad. The landscape is a ramp consist of multiple levels and connects to a landing which has an uneven level as well. Any way to build this accurately? Great thanks!


Expected outcome

I’ve spent many hours of my life modeling topo from 2D plans. I’m trying to make sense of your photos. Are you preparing to make a physical model or just rendering? Do you want the the landscape to have smooth curvature or ‘step up’ like to topo lines? Does your plan drawing have 3D information embedded within it or is it flat? I know you want to model this ‘accurately’ but there are some aesthetic decisions to be made. I see opportunity to use a handful of Rhino’s surfacing tools but it’s hard to advise without knowing more about that you have to start with and your current skill level.

I see elevation markers in your plan. In any case, you’ll need to set those to the correct heights and model surfaces through them.

There’s a plugin called Rhino Terrain that helps but isn’t necessary.

Here are two tutorials I found that might be helpful:

Thank you for your time! I have been using Rhino occasionally for a few yr so I can understand most of the basic stuff. The model is just for rendering purpose and would like to create a smooth surface for better rendering. The difficulty for me is I have no idea how to effectively create (least time consuming) a sloped surface which follows the 2D plan with accurate (at least following the level mark on the plan). Please share your thought. Thanks!

I would use the Lands design plug-in and it’s ability to do paths, roads and cut/fill on terrain.