Improving Quick selection in rhino from properties panel

Actually i have two similar suggestion

1.The current selection of rhino needs various clicks/command to select and it is also limited to select one property at a time even there is no option to substract objects from selection by some properties
so i have come up with idea of selecting objects directly from properties panel (as it already visible by default), please see the image for clarification

  1. Add dropdown to choose from previously assigned name.

Well, if objects have no names - or there are many named objects, I don’t think that would be all that useful…

then a eye dropper will be a good choice. however, we can already do this by matchproperties but that is a long process.

SmartTags is free Rhino plugin which assigns many tags to objects so that they can be selected with Boolean operations. The SmartTags plugin creates four new commands: Tag, TagFilter, TagManager, and TagsFromLayers.
Download SmartTags plugin from here: SmartTags for Rhino | Food4Rhino
video tutorial: How to use: SmartTagsForRhino - YouTube
new features: SmartTags for Rhino - Update 1 - YouTube

is that work in rhino 7 because in download page, it say for rhino 5 & 6.
I tried in v7 but not working.