Search for keywords in Layers

I’ve downloaded and installed Rhino 7 evaluation and have a question.
I am writing to ask if a feature that I had wished was available in Rhino 5 has been implemented in Rhino 7, e.g. the ability to search for keywords in the Layers panel.
I’ve got so many layers in my models that it would be convenient when searching for the layer after selecting the object and viewing Properties to find the name of the layer to paste it into a search field in Layers.
I asked tech at mcneel if such a feature exists in Rhino 7 and John suggested that I check in here and that perhaps someone has coded a Python script to accomplish this.


You can do it with the help of free plugin called SmartTags. The plugin assigns many tags to objects so that they can be selected with Boolean operations. The SmartTags plugin creates four new commands: Tag, TagFilter, TagManager, and TagsFromLayers.
Download SmartTags plugin from here:
video tutorial: How to use: SmartTagsForRhino - YouTube
new features: SmartTags for Rhino - Update 1 - YouTube

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Thank you Andrew. I’ll give it a whirl.