SmartTags for Rhino

SmartTags is free Rhino plugin which assigns many tags to objects so that they can be selected with Boolean operations. The SmartTags plugin creates four new commands: Tag, TagFilter, TagManager, and TagsFromLayers.

Download SmartTags plugin from here:
video tutorial:
new features:

So far, I have found two bugs in SmartTags for Rhino 6:

  1. TagsFromLayers command does not work if there is “=” in layer name. The tags are created in the manager, but the objects are not tagged. I got RhinoDotNetCrash.txt file with SmartTagsForRhinoV6 label.
  2. This is moistly nuisance - it is difficult to deselect the tags in the manager. I have to click empty space outside the manager and press Esc key.

Rhino has similar commands (SetUserText, SelKey, SelValue, SelKeyValue), but it cannot use Boolean operations to select the objects.

Thanks Andrew. This looks to have a lot of potential.