Billing Cost for Rhino after free trail of 90 Days

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Rhino application is free for 1st sign up of 90 days. there after we should purchase the license, Can we know the purchasing option and its cost approximately.

Sivakumar Veeravalli

Consult the McNeel BUY page or a local reseller…

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its showing US$995. Is it calculated as monthly once or license cost ? If so license cost it is valid for how many days?

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The following should be stated on the same page as where you got the price information from:

If that is not clear, could you tell us how to improve that information?
The 995 USD is the price of a license for the current version of Rhino (i.e. Rhino 7) that you can use “forever” (*).

(*) If, at any point in the future, you acquire hardware or update to an operating system that Rhino 7 wasn’t designed for, you might run into issues that we have no way of being able to foresee. To illustrate this, Rhino 5 for Windows was released in 2012 and is still being used by several people.

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Thanks for the confirmation. Again i have came here with a query…

  1. Is the License cost $995 for commercial is same for north America too?
  2. I am able to find only ASIA continent and countries in that continent, can I see North America in place of ASIA, I need it for North America. For reference I am attaching screenshot. (upload://Vz2a5WMiYL6dmwBxsiWagHOD4a.png)


Yes, 995 is correct for North America.

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Please can you guide me with above mentioned point no-2


If you are located in Asia, you cannot buy directly in North America, you will need to buy from a local reseller or from McNeel (Asia) directly. Contact for more info.


Thanks for the information. I am done with all my queries.
Once again thank you for quick response and patience