Why the geo f-n blocking BS for the Rhino upgrade shop

Guys, really - its 2018 and you are not Autodesk.

I get an email tonight advising of the upgrade special for current owners of R5.0 to upgrade to R6.

I’m a contract designer and work all over the world - Hong Kong, New Zealand, Bali, Mexico and most recently South Africa. I believe I brought my first Rhino license in Hong Kong.

The link on you email takes me to the McNeal upgrade shop page - FOR AFRICA - and quotes me in Euros and wont let me select any other options.

I quote in USD, get paid in USD and want to pay you in USD - nothing gets my back up more than this sort of geo based market swindle. I could open up my VPN, shift my region and get to a site that quotes me in the currency I want to pay in. But really - its 2018 gents and the fact that I CAN get around it should be enough reason for you to not do this in the first place.

Its a downloadable upgrade - flatten your price structure world wide - give us one site to pay you on and give me a drop down menu for a currency choice.

Don’t come back to me with some lame ‘supporting your network’ excuse - I’ve never ever talked to any person in your supply chain - not once - I tested your demo product then brought a license online. All the product support I’ve ever needed has come from online forums.