Impossible to see shaded mode

Hi i just charged rhino 6 on my pc run with window 7 professional and invidia ge force 210.
is impossible to visualize in shaded mode when I click shaded remaine in wireframe mode. I tried to set the view in the view parameter but nothing .
Someone could help me

Please run SystemInfo in Rhino and post the results here. It will be difficult to run Rhino 6 with such an old (2009) and weak (512Mb-1Gb) video card - but maybe a driver update can help… Otherwise, you may need a new computer.

GeForce 210 does only OpenGL 3.1. According Rhino 6 system requirements that is lower than the recommended OpenGL 4.1.

I’d tried to optimize the use of OGL 3.1 with my Intel HD 3000 on my HP Envy 14 Spectre and some older cards on HP Z200. We need to turn of the Shadow option in each of the display modes. But shaded display seems to be okay. If not, just turn of the Shadow option on each display modes if you don’t want to upgrade your graphics card.

Also, there are small changes you need to try inside Rhino OPTIONS > ADVANCED. Type GL inside the sorting field, and make some changes in the highlighted options like I did to my Intel HD 3000.

Hope this would help.