Importing tff file not working?

Hello every one.

Does anyone know why these off files are not working ?

Ive downloaded three separate fonts and all say there are three errors with them and they show as a question mark in a box ?

This is a link to the last file I tried.

Running OS 10.12



This isn’t a good place for this sort of question as Rhino just uses the fonts that are installed in your operating system (OS X/macOS/Windows).

If you can install that font into your Mac, then when you start Rhino, it should be available.

Yup, Know that.

Its not working though. Shows up in my system but not in Rhino.

Hence - Posting in Rhino.

I’ll fire up my Mac and see if I can get it to work.

I think the font definition is bad.

I opened the font in macOS Sierra using the Font Book application.
When I clicked on the install font button, it griped.
I opened the details in font validation and it listed three problems:

  • ‘name’ table usability
  • ‘sfnt’ required tables
  • ‘name’ table structure

Did you not see these problems when you tried to add it to your Mac?

Yup I saw them.

Thats why Im asking what the problem is. Is there a fix or a work around ?



Not in Rhino, no.
The problem is with the font definition.
If the font imports correctly into OS X, then downstream Rhino can use it.

Free fonts are hit and miss. You’re never going to get a quality font on a site like that (e.g., on that supports OpenType features).

If you want to fix this, you need to get a font editor. See if it will open the file and save it correctly.

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Its strange because in Font Book they displayed ?

Ah well thanks for explaining.


Yes, but when you install that font into your Mac, you get the errors I listed and are admonished to not use the font.
It’s rubbish in it’s current state.

Aha. Yes admonish they do :slight_smile:

Thanks John.