Importing fonts

Hello Rhino folks,

You are always all so helpful for me. So with that if any one out there could give me a run down on how to import fonts into Rhino V5 I would be in your debt. Thank you all so much:)

Hi Nadia- Rhino uses whatever fonts are available to Windows, so just install new fonts for Windows, and Rhino should see them.


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thank you @pascal. im totally a mac person so i’m gonna learn something new about importing fonts into windows :wink: always ready to learn new things.

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Nothing to it. Just drag the fonts into your fonts folder and they will install. To find the fonts folder, just type fonts at the startbutton/search… It should be the topmost item. The procedure is so… Mac-like… :smile:


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Got the process down. Now I’m on a search for the .ttf of this this font. Thank you @Helvetosaur!

Its even easier now! If you see a font – anywhere / in any folder – just right-click and select install. Done!