Importing STEP File

Hi all, I have the step file part.stp which I am loading in Rhino, but it looks bad, i.e. not correct.
If I open this file in Solidworks, it is ok, and if I export in again into part_fromSW.STEP it is properly imported in Rhino.
What is wrong with part.stp? I know it is exported from open cascade, but what is wrong with it? It looks like it is hard to ‘sew’ the trimming edges. Any help will be highly appreciated.

part.stp (172.5 KB) part_fromSW.STEP (121.3 KB)

Hello - I see that, thanks.


The link is working for me.
I’m at a loss to understand why you can’t get to it.
The item is set to “Visible to all users” too.

the issue is accessible now.Looking for the fix. Thanks

One question about the issue at the end is it a bug which will be fixed in Rhino or generally we have issue with the export? The idea is that it may be better to fix on our side.

The bug has been fixed and tested.
It turns out that STEP file has a short hyperbola curve segment in it that Rhino was choking on. This has been fixed and tested.
The fix will be released in Rhino 6 SR20 when that perks through the process.

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Hello John, I have another part which causes similar issues. I hope that with this fix it will solve the other part too. The problem is that it is confidential and I cannot put it here. Is there any way to send it directly to you so you can test if the import (with the fix) also works on this part?
Thanks in advance.

If you zip it and send it directly to me,, I’ll look at it this weekend. You can also open it in a text editor like notepad, and search for the word, “hyperbola”. If that’s not there, then my fix for your previous file will not have any affect. There have been other changes that may help, though.