Nested blocks from STEP files no longer nested?


I noticed that STEP doesn’t import as nested blocks anymore. Not even having nested layer structure (as discussed / proposed with @brian ) Not even being an option. Any other unpleasant surprises?

UPDATE: BTW, this (not being a nested block structure) breaks one of my workflows, as I was using the nested block structure to create my layers structure in order to keep parent-child relationships coming from CATIA.

I move this to a new topic since it was not related to that bug fix.

What are the details?
Is this V6 or the WIP?
Can you give us an example that illustrates the problem?

The problem is that since one of the latest v6 SP releases importing step doesn’t result in nested blocks

It was not like this before

Okay, it’s V6.
What specific service release introduced this change in behavior?

What I need from you is a simple STEP file with nested blocks that I can use for testing to verify the problem.
Then I can report it and get it on the pile to be fixed.

I found a STEP file to test on and I can’t repeat your claim.
By chance have you turned off the warning message?

That won’t change the behavior, because that just how STEP file work.

Can you send an example file and instructions that act as you described?

“Display nested block warning” is a warning @John_Brock , ticking it off should still keep them as nested blocks

And it does.
As far as I know, the behavior you described is not possible.
I tested it here with a sample file I have.

If you can get Rhino V6 to act as you described, I need an example file and the steps to follow to reproduce it here.

Okay, so the step is imported properly here (at home) I updated Rhino yesterday here. I’ll check tomorrow at work which version I have there and I’ll get back to you.

Sounds like a plan.

hm…it requires a new update again


Hi @John_Brock

Ok, so… no issues anymore.

I don’t know what was that back then.
Sorry for the troubles.

Keep an eye on it.

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