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Hello there, i am having problem with stp file export. I have 2 different model which are closed polysurface and can be exported as stp file without problem. However, when i export those too separete models in one stp file and import it again to rhino, the are become open polysurfaces. What might be the reason for that?

perhaps tolerances?

when you export, the tolerances are saved.

if you import a model into an existing model, it will apply the tolerances to the imported model from the existing file. if there is a mismatch, that could potentially cause surfaces not to join as this is all determined by tolerances.

make sure you are file>opening the file, not file>importing into an existing file.

if you do import into an existing file. make sure the tolerances of the existing file match the imported file.

not the problem? please email your file and steps to reproduce to

I tried that but didnt solve the problem. I am not able to send the file unfortunately. It is really strange though that happens only when i export that those two model into one stp file. When i export them one by one into different files and import again, the problem dissappears. Is there anything else you can suggest?

any chance one or both models are far away from the origin?

i also tried that, they are not far from the origin but i put them both on it as close as possible, didnt help though:)

it also has open surface inside the file, can that be the cause of problem? I also noticed that when i import that file into autocad, it is imported as 3d solid, not surfaces so the problem only occur in rhino i guess

anything open when you export, will be open when you import.

run selopenpolysrf to light up any issues before you export, then showedges to see them highlighted.

I know that:) Anyway, i couldnt figure out what the problem was but solve it by remodeling one of the objects. Thank you very much for your effort!

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