Importing models from sketchup and exporting them to VuCity fails

I know it’s outside of our control, but this flow Sketchup > Rhino > VuCity seems not to work for some reason.

Half of the faces are flipped, model lands in wrong location. I can’t share the model unfortunately, not really sure where to even start solving this.

Maybe it’s really an issue with Vucity rather than Rhino. Vucity doesn’t give much output to begin thinking it through as well (yay saas)

I don’t have any hope solving it, just leaving it here for the record

Hi Daniel -
From Modelling 101, it seems like they should support SketchUp models - but perhaps only when they are exported as FBX?
There are also “known issues” notes for Rhino on that page.
They seem to recommend using Blender and have plug-ins for Revit and Blender…

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thanks a lot, I should have looked at it first. Known issues for Rhino seems interesting, will give it one more try. I’d image that exporting fbx would automatically convert/sort out all blocks into proper mesh objects, but maybe that was the culprit - maybe the fact that all imported sketchup groups turn into blocks in Rhino is what caused the issue