I need help Exporting to Sketchup

Hi to all,

I really need some help exporting my Rhino model to SketchUp 2016.

In Rhino, I clicked File - Export - Export Selected - and selected the entirety of my light fixture and saved it/exported as a Collada (dae) file.

Then when I Imported into sketchup it says “Import Failed” or “Can’t import empty component”

What am I doing wrong?

Hello - is there a reason not to export directly to .skp format? My quick test works with dae, however. Does your Rhino model contain any blocks?


already tried to export directly to skp, but the file does not exist.
what do you mean by block?

Hello - I’m not sure what you mean - did export fail?
See Help about Blocks, but since you ask the question, I guess you are not using them.
Please upload your file here or, if confidential, send to tech@mcneel.com and someone will have a look.


even though, yesterday I could import the collada file to sketchup. now it can’t anymore

Did you look in Options > Plug-ins and verified the import /export plug-in are enabled?

Yes, the import / export plug-in has been activated? there is another solution?


Hello, no, not without a file to test.


What do you mean by files from rhinoceros?

Hello - yes - if you are exporting and failing, I’d like to see exactly what it is that is being exported and try it myself.


whats wrong?? please help…

Please, post the 3dm file, not a picture…

please the solution??

Hello ataramadhan91

I took the courtesy to import it to sketchup using different extensions (3ds,skp,dxf) i dont know which one is more accurate, check them out and let us know if any works for you

Good luck!

LOGO FINAL.skp (959.4 KB)

Yaaahh… thank you, I’ve been can import files from rhino to sketchup with the format (.skp). but what if I want to import the extension (.dae) in sketchup?

Hello - I still do not fully understand the problem - if I open your file here and export as dae, I can open the dae file in Sketchup with no problems. Is that what you are trying to do?

junk.dae (397.0 KB)


Thats right, is that what I want to do…
but why I still can’t import the (.dae) file on my sketchup??
I’m really confuse…

I don’t have the 2016 version to test with, but this appears to work fine in the 2015 version that I have.