Importing Illustrator Curves as outlines only

Hey everyone. Having an issue with Rhino6. When I import text curves from an Illustrator file, it imports as a fill instead of outlines. Anyone else having this issue?

has the text been outlined in illustrator? or are you importing actual text.

It’s been outlined. It’s very strange because I have Rhino 5 at work & it doesn’t do this.

The fills are probably hatches - you can most likely just select and delete them, and be left with the outlines.

I thought so too, but it seems Rhino6 only imports AI files as hatches.

Hello - does DupBorder get you the expected curves?


In my opinion text as hatch is the correct way to import vectorized text, but boundary curves should also be generated. AND, How to tell rhino that a vectorized text was/is a text ? I’m afraid it’s impossible in one single go.

OK, that seems wrong to me, it should always be a boundary curve with the hatch optional. I don’t have AI installed here, can you post a simple .ai file that imports as hatches only?

I noticed the same issue a while back and for me it worked when I saved the AI file with a colour assigned to the outlines and the fill set to None.
Something else that I did, but I don’t know if has any bearing on this is that I always save the file as CS2.

I managed to get around the issue by exporting as SVG. It doesn’t import at actual size but at least it’s working. Thanks so much for your help guys.

The thing is that TEXT should be imported as TEXT, comma.
Curves from text are not TEXT anymore.

could try and explode it then selcrv.