.AI import - can't choose fill type?

Why is this option grayed out?


I’m just trying to re-import an .ai exported out of Rhino back in to see how the export worked - I don’t have Illustrator here to check. There should be fills (from Rhino hatches) in the file, in any case if I export the same file as .svg, there are fills in that one.

When I import the .ai all I get currently is curves.

Export hatches as fills was checked for the export.


Hi Mitch - that is grayed out, I believe, because pdf uses the same interface but supports those things whereas our version of AI does not. I will verify with Tim, but I think that is what’s going on here.


OK, so the lack of fills on the exported .ai is to be expected? That’s too bad, I need to send an .ai file to some place that doesn’t accept .svg currently, and I need to include the fills.

Hi Mitch - I think you can export pdf and rename it - hold on, I’ll test - also send me the pdf if that does not work and I’ll run it through AI.

yeah, renaming a pdf opens as an ai in…AI.


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Traveling at the moment, the file is on my home computer, will do when I get home.