Illustrator to Rhino

Is there anyway to import the hatch from Illustrator to Rhino? I want to lasercut this object with the hatch, but I have no idea how to import that, or it is just impossible. Is there another way to cut this image? I know I could lasercut from illustrator but the scale changed.

its not an easy task and also depends very much on how you created the vector file from that fish.
i used illustrators redraw function to vectorize your image then used convert and deleted all white (cut out) parts with the select same color tool and used combine from the pathfinder. maybe you still can play with that to find a better solution if you dont have it vectorized already i mean.

(just be aware that all my expressions from illustrator are my own translations. i use another language so maybe they are called a little different in english.)

after that you export it as a dwg with preserved appearance and open it in rhino. the black hatches all become white why ever but like that i managed to get almost all the hatches in. some you may have to hatch manually in rhino.

Hi Wenwei - I’m not sure I follow, yet, what you’re asking - are you asking about the solid fills in the outlines? If I’m reading the image correctly, some of the curves are filled with a solid in the upper image, but there is no linework other than the outlines, correct?


I am trying to raster cut the solid fill from illustrator; however, the scale is off when I sent it from illustrator to UCP. Later, import this AI file to Rhino but the solid fill not could not be imported.

Yes, the first image in illustrator is solid filled without the curve. Then the solid turned into curves after I loaded into Rhino.

I understand, but I’m not clear how you want to cut the solid fills differently from unfilled closed curves.


maybe its for engraving and cutting or what exactly are you planning @Wenwei_Wu ?

The solid is for raster fill engraving.

or is there another way to raster it?

Thank you I really appreciate your help.

not sure what cutter you use, but they work with many files, color separation works as an informal procedure for example where each color can be set to engraving, cutting or rastering, you may even be able to use a jpg for doing that depending on the system of the cutter. if there is nothing you have to proceed working on in rhino you just export that file from illustrator and done. i would only bring it into rhino when your cutter needs a file illu cant export or if you want to work it further there. the rest might just be a waist of time.

Have you tried to troubleshoot the scale problem while printing straight from the AI? It could be units or something set in printer driver…

The lasers and laser print drivers I am familiar with typically require a bitmap (pixels) to produce a raster engraved program.

In Illustrator the following menu selection would be used, although there is similar conversion available in many vector graphics applications.

Hi Wenwei - if you set the curve color to say red for engrave curves and blue for raster, you can then apply solid hatches in Rhino to colored objects as needed - would that help?