Importing files from an Architect firm to Rhino 6


I am a fairly basic and occasional Rhino user (but I love it).
I am a sculptor and I’m working on a sculpture for a new building.

I have asked the architects for the building plans, and I told them I was using Rhino 6. However, they have sent me .ifc files which I don’t think I can open without buying and installing a plug in (I started trying to instal Geometry Gym’s plugin, but I seemed to end up in a loop on their website or hitting missing pages and I can’t work out how to download it).

Should I just ask them to send me a .dwg file?
Or what is the best file to ask for to open in Rhino 6?
(I don’t know what software they use)

I have done this in the past with architects and normally they send me files I can open easily. But the last time was 4 years ago so I can’t remember what file type it was.

Many thanks

Dwg is probably just fine if you need the geometry of the building.

What program are they modeling in?

I have no idea what software the architecture practice used.
I will initially only be using the files to create actual physical models of the space in foam board (so I don’t need a lot of accuracy). Then later I might use them for creating a 3-D model of the proposed sculpture for the structural engineer to work from.

I’ve emailed them and asked for a .dwg file. But I don’t know if it is only CAD that can create .dwg files, or what other programmes Architects tend to use for their building plans.


I expect they can do DXF or DWG. Both which should work fine. They are fairly common.

If it is IFC, it is most likely ArchiCAD, but also may be Revit.

It is important to note for them that Rhino 6 supports up to AutoCAD 2018 format.