Exporting to Illustrator Ai creates multiple stacked duplicate curves and lines

I am getting multiple lines and curves when I export Selected Objects top view to AI file. Clean up is ridiculously long.
What is the best practice so that I get clean non duplicated vectors?

Hello- are the objects just curves in Rhino or are there also hatches selected?


Nurbs solid as well as Surfaces.

Doing top down view of game part components that need to be interpreted as topdown view vector paths.

Sorry, they are polysurfaces not solids.

What you are probably seeing is the fact that surface edges are projected to the 0 plane for export (AI is 2D, remember) and several edges may be concurrent with each other viewed vertically, so you get stacked curves.

You might try running Make2D with the Top view and exporting the result instead…


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Does make 2D Alter your original 3D object or create separate object set on zero plane. Thanks!

Make 2d creates a new object. Your original 3D object isn’t effected