Importing from illustrator

when I import an illustrator (vector) file, rhino adds too many unnecessary knots (therefore control points) to that vector object.

When I explode the object, fragments seem fine but same after joining them.

Is there a way to overcome this issue?

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Rhino doesn’t add the knots - it’s just that illustrator doesn’t show them to you. Illustrator curves are single span Béziers, they all have degree three and 4 control points. Illustrator doesn’t show you the middle ones, Rhino does.

For joined curves in Rhino, all segments must have the same degree. Therefore straight line segments also get 4 points as they get converted into degree 3 curves when joined to other degree three curves.



Thank you Mr. Mitch, for reply and info.

and degree change results deformation.

So, I should accept my fate -_-

Degree change up should not change the shape of a curve or surface.


thank you Mitch

downward change from “change degree” command results sth like this

you have three options here - 1. you can Rebuild but that will change the shape of your curves somewhat; if you need them created to exact proportions you may not want to do this and go straight to number 2 - you can turn PointsOn and remove as many points as you want while keeping the integrity of the design or 3- just use the crv tools to draw a new crv on top of what you just imported, locking the imported crvs and drawing on top of them…

if you grade down crv degree it will in most cases change the shape, you won’t have the same amount of points controlling the crv.

exactness is important .
if I had just a couple of shapes to import, that shouldn’t be a problem of course
I got many to import, they will be extruded and connected with each other … etc
deleting knots is another bad story

thanx for the replies

I don’t see why you think you need to delete points/knots there…

so Rhino file becomes a knot heaven, editing becomes time consuming, I can’t see where the knots , and where the control points. Searching for the non-water-tightness area gets harder…etc… (that was a sample deleting)

So the main issue for you is getting closed objects, is that correct? Do you have any example files of this that you can post? It is fine to strive for simpler curves, but simply reducing control point count is not necessarily helpful as you can see.


your curves seem to be as simple as they are going to get without damaging the integrity of the shape.