Curve not the same when exporting to Illustrator

Title, When I export that attached file to Illustrator, it ‘bulges’ out one of the legs. I cannot reproduce why this happens nor figure the cause of it because it appears- at least to me, a layperson, that the geometry is exactly as it should be, no overlapping duplicate points, nothing extra ordinary. I have other letters that are formed in the exact same way, with the same radius corners and similar size- they have no issues. It is only this letter ‘N’. Everything is on the same plane, and line weights etc. are all default. Everything is updated to it’s most current version as well.
CurveFail.3dm (995.2 KB)
Rhino7SysInfo.txt (2.5 KB)

Hi Scott - I see this here as well - please run SimplifyCrv before the export.


Thank you- I was able to fix it by exploding and re-joining as well. The real question is why it’s happening.
If I can figure out the reason so I can try to mitigate the chances of it happening in the future. Simplifying and/or exploding and re-joining curves every time will not always be ideal /shrug

Hi Scott - the polycurve has five (nurbs) segments rahter than the expected 20 arcs and lines- I am checking with the developer…