Rhino 6 - dwg import fails


I tried Rhino 6 again after quite some while and had to realise that there are still major problems while importing geometry. How can I rely on a software and not double check without other software to be sure the file content is right. The worsed fear from this is that the whole program might be buggy and I better rely on Rhino 5 so far.

Here is a dwg import from vector works:
Rhino 6:

Rhino 5:

Autodesk TrueView: ArcDimensions aren’t supported in Rhino at all

Version 6 SR7
(6.7.18210.11281, 29.07.2018)

I’ll upload the file here: Rhino - Upload to Support

Please let me know how when the public beta testing is over!


@TomWue - Here’s what I get reading your dwg file with Rhino 6.8.
As you noted, Arc dimensions aren’t supported in Rhino.
That those dimensions are skipped when the file is read is shown on the command line.