Importing Autocad files into Rhino

Please could some one point me in the right direction.

I want to import this Acad file into Rhino

This the result I get, everything is in the top viewport.

How can I get the top view in the top viewport, front view in the front viewport and right view in the right viewport, is there a method to do this?


It looks like what you are importing is a set of 2-D drawings - in other words each view is flat. Since Rhino is a 3-D modeling program it would need a 3-D model from Autocad.
You could select each of the views in turn, rotate them as required and then they would show appropriately in the various viewports. They would still be separate flat objects, though.

Your Autocad file has 2 coordinates for each point e.g.: x, y. For a 3-D model each point would have 3 coordinates: x, y, z. If the boat in Autocad is a 3-D model, you would need to export it as a 3-D model.

I’m not an expert on Autocad/Rhino import/export, but many who read this forum are. I’m sure at least one of them will follow up with a more expert and detailed reply.