2d elevation drawings

I’m having double making a 2D drawing that can be exported to Autocad on Rhino for mac. I am trying to EXPORT the left view of my drawing which is an elevation view and I need to export to autocad because the printing function in rhino for mac doesn’t work very well.

When I select the items to be exported and I open them in autocad I get a plan view (top view in Rhino) not the elevation view that I want. Any helpful hints are appreciated. I am using the MAKE 2D DRAWING command in Rhino.

Choose your elevation view. Type the command “Make2D”, select your objects and select the option “Current View” . Click ok.
A projection of the view will be made on the z=0 elevation, on a separate set of layers (as defined in the Make2D panel). Select the objects of your projection and choose “Export Selected” in the File menu.