Importing a native revit file into Rhino....?

And no the original source will not export from revit in another format, the .rvt file format is all I have to work with and they are large files.


I don’t believe that is possible. Autodesk does not make a toolkit for reading their proprietary files available like we do for 3DM files.

This is the only thing I can find. Maybe it will be helpful:

Search for the key work “Revit” on the Rhino Web site and you’ll find the link I included and several others to additional details and help.

I’ve used the method described on this web page:
Worked fine.

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In revit you can export to a 3D dwg file, which is pretty much what Zach’s blog post describes. I export these files out of Revit all the time to bring into Rhino.

That would be great if I had access to Revit…

A couple options. You can download a 30 day trial version, you can download Vasari for free (which allow you to view and export the model), have the person that sent you model export out a 3d dwg file or find someone like myself that would export it for you. Direct message me if you want to explore the last option.

30 day trial has already expired…I’m intouch with the contractor now to see if they can help or twist the Arch arm…If that falls thru I will contact you. Thank you for the offer.