Importing .3dm from File Manager on Mac

How do I import a .3dm file into Rhino using the File Explorer panel on a Mac? I get the same error message when I try. “Failed to find content I/O plug-in for file”
The same error happens both when I drag and drop a file from the File Explorer panel into a viewport, or if I select the file in the panel, right-click then select Import.

Is File Explorer supposed to work the same as on the PC version?

I sounds like you might want FILE>IMPORT from the menu.

Thanks @miano. That is the work around that I’ve been using.

I rely pretty heavily on a library of imported objects, and being able to import files directly from the File Manager panel is an incredible time saver on the Windows version of Rhino. I’d like for the same to be available on the Mac version. I thought that was the whole point of the File Manager panel.

@dan or @Gijs or anyone else at McNeel? Is this on anyone’s radar?

Yes this is listed as RH-72159 Mac: Files in Libraries panel cannot be drag and dropped to ‘insert’ a file as block

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Thanks @Gijs! Sorry to pester you about something that’s already on the to do list. Thank you for the link.

not at all, on the contrary. It helps to understand how important this is and prioritize things. This adds another vote, so to speak.

To be honest, being able to import .3dm files directly from the File Manager is key to not only my workflow, but to the workflow we teach all of our students. This works exceedingly well on the Windows version, but we always have a few students who are very attached to their Mac’s. I’m trying to figure out the differences between the Mac & PC versions so that we can better support those students. Fixing this would be a big deal for us.

If you all can at least figure out how to get the right-click to import working, that would go far. Drag and drop would be ideal though.

Probably should add here that the import entry of the context menu in the file explorer panel also does not work.