Save, saveas, insert, import


Hi guys, just logging problems I’ve had switching from Rhino 4 PC to Rhino 5 OSX. So these are wishlist items if they’re not already implemented, or deserving of thanks if there’s an easy solution I just missed because of unfamiliarity.

Item 8a - file importing and saving. It seems like importing is more complicated than it used to be - one of the very satisfying things about 4 was that you could import e.g., a 3DS file directly into your current drawing, but in 5 Import always opens it as a new drawing. Sometimes I’ll be working back and forth with a large number of small items from Rhino to CAD or Illustrator etc., and the current setup takes up a lot more time.

8b - save, revert, duplicate, rename, move to. I think there’s a Lion standard that Rhino is conforming to, but wow, it would be really handy just to have a normal SaveAs option, ha. Just as a supplement to the other options, not to replace them. Honestly I don’t understand version storage well enough to judge, but I can’t deny that right now they also seem to make life more complicated and working off the server slower. Although “The document “Untitled.3dm” is on a volume that does not support permanent version storage.” might just be a re-wording of “Do you wish to save your changes?”, ha.


Totally! HATE the fact that Save As has vanished. Can you still keep Save As?

(Marlin Prowell) #3

If you have 10.8 or later, hold down the Option key when clicking on the File menu. This is a standard OS X feature, not a Rhino feature.


Thanks a lot, found and used. An odd way for Apple to do it but if it works, it works.

(Marlin Prowell) #5

Using the Option key to change menu items is a common Apple idiom. In the Finder, click on one of the Finder menu items, then toggle the Option key to see what changes in the menu.