Import --> wrong origin?

OK, something weird happening here…

First, use open or double click to open the file below:

WallF.3dm (474.2 KB)

The lower left corner should be at World 0 (three objects)

Now, open a new blank mm file, Ctrl+C copy all three objects out of the old file and Ctrl+V paste into the new file. They come in at the right place.

Now, drag and drop the original file into the new file (leave the pasted objects in there) and choose “Import”.

Here, the objects come in displaced… the lower left corner is at -320.00,-1378.00,0.00

Anyone else see that? I can’t figure out why this is happening… Must be missing something obvious…



Probably not so obvious.

To add some information / confusion. When I open that document and copy the objects. Paste in new Rhino document with my personal template. Save. Then drag and drop - import that new file in some other file, the objects land at the correct place again.

The modelBasePoint in that file is set to something other than w0. Over here, when I reset modelBasePoint to 0, it imports as expected, so it appears that it affects imports as well as insertions.


The odd thing is, I didn’t set the model base point in that file… Those pieces were exported from another file.That also means that the piece retains the model base point info when exported as well. The whole concept is IMO a pretty bad idea…



If inserted at x=0, y=0, z=0 here is how it looks

If inserted at x=320, y=1378, z=0 it lands just fine