Setting up a linked .rui... 🤯

So, after getting instant crashes with the latest WIP when trying to load my personalized workspace - which links to a .rui file converted over from V7 and which was linked before all this container junk was released - I decided to rename the existing containers.xml file and have Rhino re-create a new one - as suggested in another post.

That stopped the crashing, but of course, no miracles, it now opens with the default ‘workspace’ - or whatever you are calling it these days… Window Layout? Library? Container set? I have no idea anymore.

So, I went back and via Options >Appearance > Toolbars and re-linked the .rui. (As an aside note, the placement of this function is bizarre, as everything else that concerns toolbars, containers etc. is now only available under the Window menu. Linking a .rui file is not an ‘appearance’ thing IMO.)

So, now I get my custom .rui PLUS the default. Formerly, one could just close the default.rui. Now, it’s necessary to go to Containers - link not available through Options so you have to close that - and then find all the open containers/toolbars in the default ‘library’ and close them - because you can’t actually close the default library itself. But wait…

All of the toolbars - both the ones in default and the ones from my custom .rui are now all mixed together in the left hand pane of the containers panel. I have to figure out which ones are from default and which ones are custom - and the names might have been the same - looks like a “new” was automatically added to my custom ones. Plus, it’s not possible to close that mess of a left side “Main” toolbar - the box is unchecked, but it’s still open. It’s necessary to physically drag it out of the LH docking and X to close it.

And man, it still looks UGLY with those .... bars and the thick borders…



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I’m having toolbar issues, too. In the latest build, I can’t dock a toolbar at the bottom next to the Osnaps, or above the osnaps. Seems I can’t put two toolbars along the bottom in any way.

And it took me a long long time to look under Appearance. But I suppose it’s good to group all of the toolbar stuff in one place, and some toolbar settings are appearance-related, so whatever - I’d get used to it being there.


In Containers, you will find the containers that were made and that might or might not be opened at the time you open Containers. Containers are not part of a library, but can contain parts from different libraries. A library is then a collection of tools and toolbars. What might be confusing here, is that the containers you see, are named after the toolbars that ‘created’ them. But this is quite similar to how V7 generated a group with a single tab inside it, with the same name. The difference with V7 is that in V8 these groups can now contain either panels, toolbars or a combination of those, and that they can contain stuff from different libraries.
So as for this part:

What you see in the left hand side are not the toolbars themselves, but the containers that contain the toolbars, though the names can be the same.

Regarding the borders and dots, in latest WIP these changes have been made:

  • Borders are slimmed down
  • The gripper dots now only appear on containers that don’t have text in their gripper area
  • The gripper dots should now be aligned better and reduce in number when height or width forces them to

Is this still an issue? I don’t see that here

It seems to be working at the moment. There’s a new problem, though.

In a previous WIP, I’d added a new toolbar to the standard tools at the top of the screen called Quick. I then dragged buttons to it to populate it, since there didn’t seem to be a way to add a toolbar any other way. Today, in the new WIP, those buttons are all grey circles with no commands. I know changes have been happening, so maybe there’s now a better way to add toolbars to the standard collection?

Hi Peter, do you recall which version that was?
It’s not the first time I see icons getting deleted, but that was before changes were made to how custom toolbars work.


What you could do is run Audit3dmFile on a model saved before the upgrade

Ok, so I just linked a file so that I could restore my buttons. I closed the toolbar that had the grey circles, and created a new toolbar with a new name. Then I dragged a copy of each of my buttons from the linked file onto the new toolbar. Half-way through, I closed and re-openned the file a few times and everything was going fine. I finished copying the buttons over, then I closed the linked file. Now the buttons that I’d dragged over to the new toolbar are grey and commands are gone. I guess I don’t understand the process of how to get a toolbar or a bunch of buttons from one toolbar or collection (or whatever the terminology is) to another.

Honestly, I would just use the linked toolbar instead of the ‘standard’ toolbar, but I don’t see a way to turn the ‘standard’ toolbar off. Actually, I see how to ‘close’ the standard toolbar, but no idea where I’d go to restore it if I need it later.

Whenever the source toolbar is linked, the buttons show up just fine, so for now I’ve closed the linked toolbar (so it’s still linked but invisible I guess) and the screen currently looks the way I want it to. But there was a lot of things that are still mysterious to me regarding toolbars in V8. Maybe it’s because the toolbar that I’m linking was the ‘standard’ toolbar in V7 and maybe has same name as the standard V8 toolbar?

Actually, I take that back. Still seems I can only have one toolbar on the bottom of the screen. In Rhino 7, I could have multiples, either stacked or beside each other, as in the image below. Can’t get it to work in WIP.

Hmmm…is there some trick I don’t know about?

You need to put on the blue rectangles.

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As @inju mentioned, you need to drop it on the (small) blue rectangles that appear. These should be larger and is logged as RH-72559 Docking: make the target zones larger

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RH-72559 is fixed in the latest WIP