Import STL

Good morning everyone, I’m new to the Rhino V5 and I’m learning little by little, at this moment I want to import an STL file from an internet bookstore and modify it to my liking as if it were a file started from scratch. Thank you for your answers. regards

Hi David,

What is your question.

Step one would be to import the stl file into Rhino.

Do note that the stl file contains geometry formatted as polygons. Where Rhino native format is NURBS.

Have a look at this explanation: (source)

Does this help?

Hello Willem,
Thanks for your quick response.
My problem is that I want to open with a rhino STL file downloaded from
Thingiverse and when I import the Rhino I can not modify it to my liking.
Excuse my English I’m translating with google translate.

Bluntly put you can not do major modifications of an STL mesh in Rhino. Rhino lets you repair a mesh (close holes, weld vertices), or reverse-engineer it (draw surfaces on top of a mesh), but to change a dense mesh itself you would need a sculpting program like ZBrush, Modo, Blender sculpt etc.

Hello Vitaliy, thanks for your quick response, Rhino can not completely modify an STL to my liking. Regards