Some troubles about mesh boolean(stl import)

I wanna use boolean to modify a stl file,but it become mesh when I import in rhino
just like this

how can I do to modify it?:joy: :joy:

STL β€œare” meshes. If you don’t want meshes you should use a different file format.

Hello - - MeshBooleanUnion/Difference/Intersection are the commands to use but they are not all that robust - can you post the file?


because I only have the stl file but I need to modifiy it.:sob: :sob:
here are my rhino files, thanks very mush!!
my stl.3dm (191.7 KB)

Hello - the mesh is a block. ExplodeBlock and then use MeshBooleanUnion. You should make the small part fully intersect the mesh before the Union.


thanks!!! I’ll trying that!! :kissing_heart: