Newbie Question about STL File Format

I’m new to Rhino and the 3d printing world:

I wanted to know if STL files (or any other 3d printing file format) can be converted back to a fully editable ‘native’ file types - i.e. STL to .3dm or STL to .f3d

And does this also mean that the STL mesh file can be converted to a polysurface/soild that is fully editable…

Thank You!

Hello - No. That is, if I understand the question, once it is a mesh (stl is a mesh format) the way to get it ‘back’ is by reverse engineering the mesh - generally a tedious and inexact process.


Thanks Pascal, appreciate your answer. So if its an STL or any other type of 3d printing file format - you would have to recreate the object if you where interested in editing or altering it…

Correct. Well, you can edit or alter to the extent that Rhino’s (or whatever software) mesh editing and transform tools allow.


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