Import Problems Acad and Pdf

Hi there,

since my office is using a lot of Autocad 2018 on Mac I often have to import to Rhino. Since the new Acad version 2018 I have serious issues with import errors, I’m not talking about mesh problems, we’re talking 2D drawings, even with exploded hatches and saved as dxf or dwg as an elder version like 2010 for example it doesnt work.

to get thinks working i import the files as a pdf to rhino, which is a bit uncomfortble but works for the moment. here i have the problem, the text wont be imported. I clicked the ticker for importing text, but still doesnt do it.

somebody have any clues for me?
best, michael

Hi Michael - which version of Rhino are you using?

5.5.3 for mac

Hi - could you please test this in the current Rhino 6 for Mac WIP?