Import PBR material from QUIXEL BRIDGE

Good morning, great job for these amazing PBR materials! I have some doubts about importing external libraries (Quixel BRIDGE) inside Rhinoceros. @BrianJ
The question concerns the automatic import of materials, many materials (50-100).
We are using the Quixel BRIDGE library with the option to export to default folder and filenames. This results in a structure of folders ordered by material name and whose folders contain the textures needed to create the PBR materials.

Export options:
export location

Folder structure:

The first inconvenience that we find is that when doing drag and drop it only recognizes the material if the folder that contains the textures is compressed, I wonder if it would be possible for rhino to detect an uncompressed folder as a material folder (by default some programs export folders uncompressed).

The second question refers to the name that the material takes when importing by default (‘albedo’ in our case), would it be possible to use the name of the folder that contains it? We want to avoid having to manually name the materials that we import.

Finally, as you can see in the previous image, some of the textures (preview, normal, cavity…) are not recognized correctly. It may be because the name of the exported file differs depending on the program that exports it. There could be the possibility of incorporating (in document properties or wherever) the function that was used to create the name and thus be more effective when it comes to automating the import of textures.

In short, the question is whether an import flow would be possible where you define a folder containing all Quixel materials (for example) and Rhinoceros automatically processes each sub-folder as a new material, with the corresponding textures and the material name (subfolder name, according to Quixel), no windows, no interaction they load silently.

Thank you very much and great job.