Plugin for quixel?

It would be great if we could use quixel company material
Developers think
There is currently no plugin that can do this and the rhino needs it


I don’t understand. Is there some reason why their textures and materials would need a special proprietary plugin?

Are they DRM’ed?

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This enables us to use Megascans live

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Yes please - and all the mapping channels, displacement, normal etc.

I believe these are PBR-style materials, meaning you can just plug-in the textures of these materials into a Rhino WIP Physically Based Material…

Displacement doesn’t work yet, but is being worked on very hard.

It takes a long time, but with this plugin we can automatically apply all textures…materials settings.

load all mapping

If the exported textures follow the correct naming scheme I believe you should be able to use the Additional effects > Create from texture files... path in a Physically Based Material. Loading one should load all.

Quixel is of course welcome to create a plug-in to make the interoperation seamless :slight_smile:

Yes exactly I hope we can use it one day​:wink::wink:

@nathanletwory @mehran09197306634me I doubt they will …

Although I had an idea to make it - but I’m quite busy with RN already :wink:

Maybe someone has enough free time to build it. It needs some basic knowledge of TCP as it ‘talks’ over sockets - dropping GitHub examples prepared by Quixel Team - There’s PY and C# option :wink:

If someone wants to try I can assist as much it will be possible in my schedule.

Otherside of the whole operation is making them properly link to engines slots - as usually engines devs don’t expose any API and most of renderers are barely scriptable if at all - vray is exception as it allows some operations - it would be different story if rhino material would be a container like it is in max but:

  • in rhino don’t have such integrated environment of material editing etc.
  • engines devs never put effort to merge it and from my observations most functionality is built on top of it.
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