Importing .OBJ file with .MTL file. how it works?

Hello Folks. im new to Rhino and i was wondering if it is possible to import a obj model with all the textures applied to it.
for an example I downloaded this rar zip archive from the website
within it contains a folder with the png textures and a folder with FBX. OBJ and MTL files.
when i open the OBJ file the textures are not applied to the model. what should i do? could someone help me out or send me a link with a tutorial for that?
thank you very much who can help me out :smiley:
here is the rar zip file with the model from the plant

plant-monstera-01.rar (11.5 MB)

here is the zip file

Hi Daniel -

When you open an OBJ file and the MTL and PNG files are in the same directory, the textures should come in automatically. Textures are only visible in the Rendered and Retraced display modes.
You didn’t mention which version of Rhino you are running - please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here.
As for the file that you attached - I don’t have a program to open rar files - you might want to post that as a zip file…

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