Import from Solidworks with correct front/right views

Problem: Import a model d/l from solidworks library in .SLDPRT format

As a new user I left the convert Y to Z option checked and then selected “do not ask me again” MISTAKE!
I found the answer to that problem after 4 hrs work signing up for McNeel but somehow not the forum, then signing up for the forum, starting to post that question snd getting a very helpful popup that had a similar question with an answer that involved delving inot regedt or using -import and selecting OPTIONS (finally visible)

So total failure on the inability to RESET ALL OPTIONS in the prefs (i tried uninstalling and reinstalling) and really good work on the forum help popup.

I know its easy to crtiticze. This is big powerful complex app and there a lot of formats and versions etc, but this is inteded to be helpful criticism :slight_smile:

So back to the question. I open the model from SW (a wheel) with the YtoZ box checked and the right and front views are swapped. I open the SW file without this box checked and Right and Front views are both Top view.

I should also mention that opening this file is a 15 minute process on an i5 windows box.

So how do I either import or open this file so that the views are correct, or swap the right and frint views after the import in Rhino?

Finally I need to “down res” the model. Its a small part of a MUCH bigger project and its already moving slowly. I just want to join it all together into som simple outline or reduced size polymnesh or something. Dont know how to ask this question better yet as im new to NURBS.

This is not necessary. When you start an import - be it dxf/dwg, sw, etc - you will see a little “options” button next to the “open” button at the bottom of the window… Clicking on that gets you back to the options dialog. No need to uninstall/reinstall or delve into the registry.

I don’t quite understand this - especially the second part. I don’t know how Right and Front views can BOTH be Top views at the same time. In theory, checking the map Y to Z box should simply map something from the Rhino Top viewport to the Rhino Front viewport - that is all positive world Y values are mapped to positive world Z values, everything else stays the same. If you import without that box checked, then select all in the Top viewport and call the command RemapCPlane, then click in the Front viewport, does it produce the same result?

Note also that there has been some discussion of view-naming terminology in the past around whether view names are viewer-oriented or object oriented. In the case of Rhino, they are viewer oriented in the classic 4-view drawing sense. That means that with the front of a car being seen in the Front view, the car would be “nose-down” in the Top view and the Right view will actually show the left side of the car.


Thanks for that reply. THe command RemapCPlane was what I was looking for

Both views look like front view because a wheel is round and top and front are just different areas of the round tread. When they are in the wrong viewports, right and front appear to be the same.

I think I figured out what happend and it is not an import issue. The person that built the wheel was only building a wheel so for him, front was the view in which he began work on the rim facing him. This would be the right view of the wheel was on a car, but it wasnt. So the right view became the side view. He just built it this way.

So my question becomes, how do you switch the contents of two views (obviously you cannot rotate the object in the z plane to acheive the correct orientation in a view)
ANSWER RemapCPlane