Import onto specific view

I am importing dxf files from illustrator into rhino.
everything lands on the top view. how could I import the objects right onto the “front” layer?
i want to avoid rotating the object after import, which of course would be an option, but I want to just import and go with it…

Thanks, Florian

use the command RemapCPlane. just go into the 4 view then select the objects in top view
then click into the view you want to have it in.

thanks for the hint! but I will always have to repeat that step when I import new files…

I was hoping I can once at the start define that imported drawings (always 2D) are being put on the “front” view

Hi Flo - you can use Insert instead and in the Front view type in 0 as the insertion point. You can set Insert it insert as a block instance, group or just objects’


! _CPlane _World Front -_Insert _FIle=Yes _Browse _Objects _Enter 0 _Enter _Enter _CPlane _Previous

(V6 users replace ‘_Previous’ with ‘_Undo’…)

@pascal this is genious! thanks alot, exactly what I was looking for, looking forward to play around with the parameters.