import_ACAD plugin runs endlessly and kills Rhino 7

I have reinstalled cadexchanger but cannot find a file import_ACAD.rhp to replace the corrupted version. I am not sure why this is happening because I have no admin rights and installation was done by IT department. Does admin have to install this pligin for all users?

Version 7
(7.2.21012.11001, 12.1.2021)

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Rhino can import .dxf and .dwg files natively. Why do you need the cadexchanger plug-in? In any case, this seems to be a problem with the plug-in, so you should probably contact the manufacturer.


You are right. It is not even this cadexchanger plugin. It is, it seems, the native import_acad.rhp plugin.

It cannot import and because I am opening a file that was working fine in Rhino 6 with Xrefs and so on from 2d Autocad, it now just gets stuck importing the cad file and does not finish opening file. The only solution I have found is to disable import_ACAD.rhp plug in, but I cannot get my references loaded to the file. It is central for me to get geometry from cad because of collaboration workflow. What can I do? I cannot find a replacement plug in file onliine and there is the plugin installed in the C: drive as it should. It simply won’t run properly.

Please try the 7.3 release candidate. You may be experiencing the import of some very dense hatches that fixes were made for recently.

Hei, Will try that thanks!

Hello, issue remains with certain files, even after having IT install the mentioned service release. Others only import when Autocad file (usually plans) is saved to Rhino format and then inserted to main 3d model.

What can I do? I can only open the file with import_ACAD disabled.

It must be connected to the hatches as you say, but it’s just weird that everything was fine in version 6.

I don’t get this - If you are disabling the import_ACAD plug-in, you should not be able to import .dxf/dwg files at all - unless you still have that other cadexchanger plug-in running. Are you sure that having that plug-in and the native Rhino import plug-in installed and enabled at the same time isn’t causing some sort of conflict?

The other thing is to submit a file that you find causes Rhino to hang. Someone will test it and see if it is reproducible. If the file can’t be publicly shared, send it to McNeel via this: Rhino - Upload to Support - and make sure to provide the info the page asks for, including a reference to this topic.

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Ok, I will try both of your options thanks a lot!

There is no conflict with plug-ins. I cannot open dwg’s. This is really frustrating.

Hello, I have since attempted different options on import and I think that the issue is connected with importing dwg in automatic option. Certain dwg files freeze when importing automatically, but work fine when double precision is chosen.

Hi - could you post one of those dwg files and instructions on which settings to use to freeze Rhino?