Images not transparent in Ghosted View

Is there a setting to apply also to reference images. Thanks

Image transparency can be changed in the material properties.

@martinsiegrist is there a way to check this globally? Also I think there is no way to show textures in Ghosted view though.

Would that be a feature request?

Thank you

I don’t think that’s possible and while I often use transparency on images, I don’t think I would want this to be a global setting.

I set my viewport to bobi1 with slight settings made by @Rhino_Bulgaria for optimal performance.
Then used the same settings with transparency as my new Ghosted view. One thing which I miss in this ghosted view is seeing textures.

What I would like is actually the same transparency applying to all textures and for sure also the images which are textures. As we are in an ghosted view and you want to look through objects which the images with full 100% textures won’t let you.

So everything is transparent while modelling and I am forced to manually hide images when they block my view to monitor the geometry behind.

Hope you understand.

It is a functionality that you should for sure can turn off as a new entry in each viewport and on in ghosted view by default.

Not sure if I understood correctly, but maybe you can use ! _SetObjectDisplayMode to apply a different shading mode to select objects with textures.