Glass visible on shadow view

Hello everybody,
I have a structure with a big window part and I applied a glass texture on it. I see verry well the result on render mode but not en shadow view. In I’m sure it’s possible because I’m learning on and I see he he is working on Shadow mode and his window is transparent, not mine !!
May you help me please ?

You can use … SetObjectDisplayMode to just change that object.

I have a special Ghosted Display that I use because I find the Ghosted does not give me enough transparency. I believe I set mine to 60 or 70%.

Preferences / Display




Thank you Randy for your reply. I think I understood your clear explanation and it’s cool. I discovered a new possibility with your plan.
But I would like to found how is possible staying in shaded view. But for sure I will use you method.

Someone else as and idea ?

Hi Henri - using Randy’s suggestion, you stay in Shaded mode, only the one object (SetObjectDisplayMpde) is changed to use a different mode. As far as I know that is the only way to get the effect you want, if I understand you.


Like Pascal mentioned, I am in shaded mode. Only the object I choose to change is in Ghosted mode.

Bonne journée « Randy

Ok, thank you for your interest for my question. Ok, maybe something I don’t understood very du to the language. So, I will give a look to your images and learn better what you explain.

Thank you and sorry for my language.

Hello, I tried the “SetObjectDisplayMode” like Randy explained me and it woooooooorks !!! Thank you. Thanks you all for your gently help. I like this forum :slight_smile: