IfcBeamType representation

I’m trying to create an IfcBeamType which representation is an IfcRevolvedSolid. I would like that each ocurrence\instance related to this ifcBeamType has a parametrical variation of the type’s shape representation.
IfcBeamType component only accepts ifcMatProfiles, so apparently beamTypes can only be extruded profiles. Is this right?
The idea is to avoid the definition of a new shape for each occurrence in my ifc file (spatial structure, just a bunch of bars and nodes ), in order to optimize file size (shall I?)
In other terms, how can I relate any kind of shape to an elementType? @jonm ?

Hi Aitor,

So an Ifc Type permits the assignment of attributes or properties common to a collection of instances related to the type.
Refer to http://www.buildingsmart-tech.org/ifc/IFC4/Add2/html/link/ifctypeobject.htm

This can include attributes such as material, profile, or property such as fire rating. But it wouldn’t constrain the instances to revolutions or extrusions (or other geometric shape). A common profile nominated at the type could be used on extrusion, revolution or another sweep.

My grasshopper components basically lead you into defining the model in what I’ve identified as an efficient way to express the model in IFC. It’s rare that the file size is proportionally large to the contents. It’s more when shapes get meshed etc that the file size really bloats.

It is possible to embed some parametrics into IFC (https://youtu.be/C2Srq2MB-fw shows a demonstration of this) but this is more innovative testing of IFC for object libraries, and if you are considering to use this it would be worth an online meeting to discuss.

If every instance is unique in some way, I wouldn’t generate a type for each one, the individual variations would be more efficiently assigned to the instance.